The Changing of School System During COVID-19

Everything is in flux in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even our school system is not spared from the effects of the ongoing blockade. According to Medium, the new education is changing into the new online learning system.

New Learning Innovation

Online Studying Change is evident in today’s pedagogy as students and teachers shift from face-to-face to online learning in these days of blocking. More than one billion children and adolescents, or about half of the world’s student population, are now in schools and universities. Educators and students explore new and innovative ways of learning through various Internet-centric educational devices and applications that no one expected before COVID-19. These students’ rooms are becoming classrooms because of the ongoing shutdown. However, now students’ taste has changed towards internet applications in modern times.

Students spend hours on the net for use or research functions rather than for distraction. They participate in various internet platforms to connect with their peers and teachers. The vast majority of web platforms currently used for educational purposes are Zoom, Skype, Google Classroom and What’s App, email, etc. Webinars have replaced students, and conferences from all corners actively participate in them. Universities and colleges hold various online competitions at the national and state levels to get students to participate in these shutdowns’ educational activities. COVID-19 has changed not only students’ perspectives but also the view of parents and teachers towards technology.

New Perspective in Teaching

Previously, cell phones were seen as a source of entertainment fronts and also taken care of by their ps and teachers. However, it is now fascinating to realize that teachers are calling parents’ phones and suggesting them to provide phones to their children to participate in online classes. Before, when they were studying in class, they had to write down the essential things in their notebooks to create assessments. Still, now they take screenshots of these slides presented together with teachers during online classes, and once they compose sentences from these slides in their notebooks in their free time.

Now, students are exploring new learning procedures with the help of this pandemic moment. Therefore, COVID-19 has changed everyone’s perspective in teaching, whether teachers, parents, or students. Since March 2020, people have attended e-classes and webinars on the Zoom app and participated in several competitions such as essay writing, PowerPoint demo competitions, etc. E-certificates have replaced paper certificates, which were very time-consuming to issue to students. It was a wonderful experience for people to receive the e-certificate for taking an online exam on the same day of the contest. Also, some faced some technical issues with these online courses and presentations. Many of them faced network problems due to the lack of proper cell towers in their villages.